Friday, September 24, 2010

Goodbye Summer (Tropical) Pedicure

Well, summer is over and we're heading into colder weather. Fall is my favorite season, but this summer was pretty nice for me, weather-wise anyway. So as a final goodbye to summer, I decided on a tropical pedicure.

This one was very difficult to photograph for some reason, my camera couldn't pick up the colors very easily. I did a gradient of pink, orange and yellow for the sunset background, with black palm trees and seagull silhouettes. It turned out as a nice, relaxing adios to summer.

I'm really looking forward to October though; it's my favorite month so expect lots of Halloween themed manicures coming from me! And as we get closer to Halloween, I'll share with you my all time favorite manicure I've ever done. :D

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Hospital Manicure

Well guys, I'm heading off to the hospital soon. Wednesday I'm going into surgery for a biopsy of my pituitary gland. I figured I'd do my nails all nice so I can look at least somewhat decent while I'm recovering in the hospital... but then I found out I can't wear any nail polish. DRAT! >.< I'll be gone all this week, so I'll try to update once I'm feeling better. For now, I'll leave you folks with an appropriately themed manicure. :)

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