Sunday, July 4, 2010

Patriotic Pedicure

Happy 4th of July everyone! Sorry this post is a little late in the day, but here is the pedicure I've been sporting for the holiday! I invented this last year and I just love it!

It's very easy to do. I started by painting my big toes blue and all the others red.

After that, I just put white dots on the blue to represent the field of stars, and white strips on the red for the rest of the flag.

I chose to paint vertical stripes because they make your nails look longer and thinner. This is especially important for your toes because they are already broad and short for most people.

That is it! Easy and quick patriotic design that looks great! I got a ton of compliments on these and my cousin even asked to come over to paint her nails sometime! Happy 4th everyone! :D

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