Monday, August 1, 2011

Paw Print Tutorial - Manicure

This one's for all the animal lovers out there! I'm a huge dog person and I'm in the process of getting a few rats. So in honor of our furry friends, here's a super easy, generic paw print manicure. :)

First, I started off with just a plain black background, but any color will do.

Next, make two or more large circles. I used the nail polish's brush for this part, but you can also use a nail art brush or toothpicks, which ever you're most comfortable with.

Finally, I added three little dots for the toes. Realistically, cats and dogs would have four dots, but I'm in the mood for a cartoony look. ;)

Finish off with a clear top coat and you're done! I think this one is great for short nails and pedicures, but I think it also works for long nails if you add more paws. And this pattern will work well for any colors so go ahead and mix it up! :)

(My dog, Jake. woof woof!)

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