Friday, December 3, 2010

Big Updates!

Ok, just added some new major features, so a double post today!

First of all, probably the biggest bit of news, is that I now have a facebook fan page for DIYNAD! You'll see a section on the side panel where you can "like" it, and then also a link to the fan page, itself. It also shows recent updates on the fan page, which I hope to update more often than here, since I'm on facebook anyway. :)

Then you'll see that right above that is the second new feature! I added a little section that shows the top 3 most popular posts. It's really not all that big, but it's interesting to see what posts people look at the most.

Another big update is that anyone can post comments now! It used to be you had to have a blogger account, or gmail, ect. to be able to post. So now anyone can post, even annomously. The catch is, that I have to approve the comments first. This way bots and such don't spam up my posts. ;)

Finally, I changed the page format slightly. Instead of 5 posts per page, it's now 3. It's a little more a pain to cycle through previous posts, but it also cuts down the length of the page so you don't have so far to scroll.

Kk, that's all for now! Please comment (especially now that anyone can!) and tell me what you think of the changes!

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