Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hello Everyone! My name is Serikiyo and this is DIYNAD - Do It Yourself Nail Art Designs!

Over the summer of 2009, I was casually searching around the internet looking for some way to spice up my nails. I came across Nevertoomuchglitter's Weblog and I suddenly found myself enthralled with the world of Nail Art!
I came across more and more beautiful websites dedicated to my new hobby. However, I started to notice a disturbing pattern. The vast majority of these sites featured two things that I lacked: long, slender nails, and a Konad.
That's when I was inspired to make this blog. I want to prove that even short, broad nails can be beautiful! I want to prove that you can make your own great nail art! No salons! No Konads! Just Your own creativity!

All nail polishes used in this blog I have bought on my own or have been given to me by family and friends. In no way am I being compensated other than the satisfaction I receive from helping you guys! If I've inspired you or any of your own creations, please, feel free to write to me!

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