Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jefferson the Betta Fish Inspired Manicure

I finally found my camera cord. So here he is: JEFFERSON!

Jeff is a crowntail betta fish. He wasn't the most colorful, or most active, but he kept calling me so I took him home. Poor Jeff looked so sickly, but now he's all better! He's a little skittish, but his color has brightened up and he's swimming around more. So, I made a little Jefferson inspired manicure in his honor. :)

First I started off with a clear base coat. Next, I used a sheer french manicure nail polish; Any nude polish will do.

After letting that dry, I used a blue Sally Hansen nail art pen to draw wavy strings that resemble Jeff's fins. Like I've said before, a nail art pen is not necessary, a blue polish with a nail art brush or even a sharpie will work. If you do use a sharpie, make sure the nude polish is completely dry; otherwise the sharpie will drag the nail polish and ruin your manicure.

After that dried, I went over the tips of the blue "fins" with a red Sally Hansen nail art pen. It was my first time using the red and clue, and I was a little disappointed that the red was sparkly. I was expecting a solid red. And I certainly didn't expect the blue to be so matte! I do like it though...

Anyway, finish with a clear top coat and clean up stray polish. Viola!

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